Cannabis is known for its psychoactive effects and is often used for recreational and medicinal purposes. Are you new to the world of cannabis and want answers to the question: ‘how do you smoke weed’? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find all the information you need on how to use cannabis safely and effectively. Discover ways to smoke weed and read our tips to get the most out of your cannabis.

What you need to know before using cannabis

Laws and regulations surrounding the use of cannabis vary worldwide. Some countries have completely legalised it. Other countries restrict it to using cannabis as medicine, or even ban it altogether because it contains THC. In the Netherlands, for example, cannabis for personal use is tolerated, but sales are regulated.

Cannabis use can have health risks. A joint can contain harmful substances for the lungs, which can eventually lead to breathing problems.

In addition, psychological effects such as paranoia and anxiety can occur, especially with excessive use.

Choosing quality cannabis is crucial. This minimises risks, as well-cultivated cannabis contains fewer contaminants. Users should pay attention to reliable sources and THC content to acquire safe and tested products.

The preparation: grinding

Grinding cannabis correctly is important for an optimal smoking experience, no matter which method you choose. For joints, use a grinder to grind the buds evenly.

For vaporisers, a fine grind is ideal to maximise flavour and effects. On the other hand, if you want to use cannabis for edibles, a coarser grind is better. This is because it makes the extraction of cannabinoids easier.

Different cannabis products, such as cannabis buds, concentrates and edibles, offer different effects and usages. Cannabis buds contain a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes that produce a variety of effects.

Concentrates are concentrated forms of cannabinoids and offer stronger effects.

Edibles are food products infused with cannabis and have a delayed but long-lasting impact.

Choosing the right product depends on your preference in terms of effect. It is therefore important to be well informed before using cannabis.

How to smoke weed

Different smoking methods:

How should you smoke a joint?

Smoking a joint is a popular way to use cannabis. Here is a step-by-step guide to smoking hash or weed:

  1. Gather your materials

To roll a joint, you will need: cannabis, rolling papers, a tip (filter tip), a grinder and a lighter.

  1. Grind the cannabis

Use the grinder to finely grind your cannabis. Make sure the texture is even for an even burn.

  1. Make a tip

Roll a tip out of cardboard or buy pre-made tips. Place the tip at one end of the rolling paper.

  1. Fill the rolling paper

Place the ground cannabis evenly along the length of the rolling paper. Make sure the tip stays firmly in place.

  1. Form the joint

Starting at the tip, gently roll the rolling paper into a cylindrical shape. Lick the sticky edge and tape it closed.

  1. Light the joint

Hold the joint at the other end and light it with a lighter. Rotate the joint while lighting it to ensure even burning.

  1. Smoke the joint

Avoid hasty, small draws. Inhale slowly and deeply, holding the smoke in your lungs for a moment, then exhale slowly. Repeat until the joint is finished.

How to use a pipe?

A pipe is a simple way to smoke cannabis. Here are the steps to using a pipe:

  1. Gather the cannabis and the pipe

You will need: a cannabis pipe, cannabis, and a lighter.

  1. Fill the pipe

Take a small amount of ground cannabis and place it in the bowl of the pipe. Press it lightly.

  1. Light the pipe

Hold the pipe and light the cannabis with a lighter while inhaling slowly.

  1. Smoke the pipe

Inhale slowly and hold the smoke in your lungs for a while before exhaling. You can enjoy the pipe until the cannabis is burned up.

How do you use a vaporiser?

A vaporiser is a healthier way to consume cannabis as it does not use combustion. Here’s how to use a vaporiser:

  1. Fill the vaporiser

Open the vaporiser and fill the chamber with ground cannabis. Make sure it is not packed too tightly.

  1. Set the temperature

Choose the desired temperature on the vaporiser. Lower temperatures preserve more flavour, while higher temperatures release more active substance.

  1. Wait for the vaporizer to heat up

Wait for the vaporiser to reach the desired temperature before you start inhaling.

  1. Inhale the vapour

Take slow and deep puffs of the vapour coming out of the vaporiser. The vapour contains the active ingredients without harmful substances like tobacco.

How do you use a bong?

A bong is a pipe that cools and filters smoke. Here’s how to use a bong:

  1. Fill the bong

Fill the bowl of the bong with ground cannabis. Make sure it is not packed too tightly.

  1. Add water

Fill the bottom of the bong with water so that the downstem is submerged but not overflowing.

  1. Light the cannabis

Light the cannabis in the bowl while inhaling slowly. The water will cool and filter the smoke.

  1. Smoke the bong

Inhale the smoke that has passed through the water and hold it for a while before exhaling. Clean the bong after use so that it gives the best flavour next time.

Different ways to smoke weed

The effects of smoking cannabis vs other methods

Comparing smoking a joint with other consumption methods of cannabis shows significant differences in effects and risks. When you smoke weed, you feel an effect within minutes. Yet this method can be harmful to the lungs due to the drawbacks of tobacco.

Edibles have a slow start but deliver long-lasting effects and are better for the lungs. 

Vaping, on the other hand, offers speed and less harmful effects than smoking, but there are concerns about the safety of vape products. In contrast, a bong provides cooling and filtration, which can make it less harmful than smoking. Pipe smoking sits somewhere between smoking and vaping in terms of harmful effects.

Smoking cannabis: which method do you choose?

There are several ways to consume cannabis. But which is the right way? Each method, whether you choose smoking a joint, vaping, a bong, a pipe, or perhaps edibles, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to choose the method that suits you best.

For each method, it is important that you use high-quality cannabis. Fortunately, you can find this quality at The Border. Drop by our coffee shop on the edge of the Amsterdamse Bos, and enjoy the many varieties of cannabis.