The 50-plus generation appears to have started blowing considerably more in recent years. It may not be such a bad idea to do it in Artis. Smoking weed is apparently permitted in the Amsterdam Zoo. Also this month: more commotion around the weed-smoking Tesla boss, Elon Musk; and investing in cannabis is insanely popular.

From our journalistic editors

Growing number of blowers among baby boomers

rook senioren joint seniorenThe 50-plus generation has started to smoke significantly more cannabis over the past ten years. This has become evident from an American study that was published recently.

Weed is becoming increasingly popular among ‘baby boomers’, which is what the generation born after the Second World War is commonly referred to. Ten years ago, only 4.5 percent of those aged between 50 to 65 smoked, but that number has almost doubled in recent years. The growth rate is even more spectacular amongst people aged 65 and over. Ten years ago, only 0.4 percent smoked cannabis, but today it is up to 3 percent.

What’s learned in the cradle is carried to the grave

Baby boomers generally have more experience in the use of drugs. They grew up in the post-war period and became adults during the turbulent sixties and seventies of the last century. Those were the decades of secularisation, sexual revolution, flower power, hippies and drug use.

Baby Boomers smoking weed

The study also shows that a large proportion of baby boomers have previous experience with smoking marijuana. More than half (54.5 percent) of the group aged between 50-65 smoked a joint when they were younger. This can be compared to the 22.4 percent of those above 65.

Cannabis use

The study surveyed a total of 17,608 adults about their cannabis use. Cannabis (medicinal) is being legalised in a growing number of American states. The researchers suspect the increase in the number of seniors smoking cannabis is partly due to this fact. Incidentally, it appears that alcohol and drug abuse, as well as hard drug use, is also more common among the group of older people who smoke cannabis.

The research was carried out by the NYU School of Medicine and the Center for Drug Use and the Center for Drug Use and HIV/HCV Research (CDUHR) at the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing.

Tesla boss Elon Musk smokes joint on radio

Elon Musk blowen

Elon Musk

Tesla boss Elon Musk continues to cause a stir. Everyone was talking about him last month because he wanted to buy back all the Tesla shares on the stock exchange for 420 dollars per share. This month, the CEO of the car brand eagerly picked up a joint during a radio interview.


“Elon Musk’s new advisor: cannabis” was the headline in De Volkskrant on 13 September. Musk was offered a joint during a two-and-a-half-hour podcast show with Joe Rogan. He immediately accepted, even though opinions were divided about whether or not he had actually inhaled. As a result, two high-ranking Tesla employees promptly handed in their resignation after the event.


Musk was recently forced to take a step back at car brand Tesla. The American stock market watchdog, the SEC, forced him to do so after he tweeted on 7 August that he intended to buy back all the shares of the car brand on the stock market with a bid of 420 dollars per share (please note the figures 420, which refer to cannabis use). Musk was apparently stoned out of his mind when he made the proposal.


The stock market watchdog, the SEC, was not amused. In addition to a fine of $20 million, Musk had to resign as chairman of the supervisory board. He will however remain on as CEO. The stock market watchdog hopes to protect investors against the erratic behaviour of the unconventional 47-year-old Tesla boss.

Watching monkeys with a joint

aap artis blowenArtis Zoo appears to tolerate cannabis smoking! The smoking ban is not (yet) valid in the zoo; so, the authorities are allowing cannabis smoking by turning a blind eye to smokers.

Smoking cannabis in Artis

Watching elephants, giraffes or monkeys with a joint? It’s allowed at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. The zoo has no clear smoking policy, as a result of which cannabis smoking is tolerated. This is a very active topic of discussion on social media and tourist forums.


Artis director Rembrandt Sutorius only expects Artis to be completely smoke-free in 2020. To accommodate the regular smoking visitors, the zoo is introducing the smoking ban step by step. Smoking has already been banned on the terraces, in the playgrounds and in covered areas since the beginning of the year.

Because Artis doesn’t draw a distinction between smoking tobacco and smoking cannabis, you’re still allowed to light a joint in most places…for the time being.

Weed as the new Bitcoin

Investing in cannabis is hot. The fact that a growing number of countries is legalising cannabis means it is becoming more interesting for companies to go public. Cannabis oil, cannabis candy or beverages; more and more companies see money in weed. Stock market analysts predict that the green gold is set to become the new Bitcoin.

Weed Grower

Anyone who bought shares in the Canadian cannabis company, Tilray, on their initial public offering is now cashing in. The medicinal weed producer went to the stock exchange on 19 June 2018. The initial price per share was $16 (about €14). The price is currently fluctuating around €135! The EFT cannabis fund in North America has also been hugely successful. The very first European cannabis grower also went to the stock market on 24 September: the Danish company, StenoCare.

Cannabis Products

Investing in legal cannabis producers is a relatively recent development; the reason being that the trade in cannabis products is rapidly being legalised internationally. Analysts see similarities to the hype around Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, where prices seemed to rise unstoppably for a long time.

Cannabis Capital Convention

The European première recently took place in Amsterdam: The investors’ congress, Cannabis Capital Convention, is dedicated to investment opportunities in the explosive cannabis growth market.