Once again, we’ve listed the most newsworthy reports on cannabis from around the globe. This blog: How to get rich by investing in weed. Why they understand the importance of medicinal cannabis in Drenthe (something escaping the politicians in The Hague). To conclude, weed beer is finally on sale.

From our journalists

Weed millionaires

dollar wietmiljonairWho wants to be a millionaire? I do! Well, one way is by investing in weed. The legalisation of cannabis in Canada and a number of American states has made the plant an interesting investment product. The first investors have reportedly become millionaires.

At least according to cannabis pioneer Theo Buissink in business magazine Quote. Cannabis has been legalised in Canada and a number of American states, and a few of the overseas cannabis companies are listed on the stock market. In the short term, smart business people who invested in greenhouses and nurseries there have already become millionaires.

Early this year, Binck Bank also concluded that investments in the cannabis sector were growing rapidly. Some days, there was more trading volume in cannabis companies such as Canopy and Aurora than well-known AEX funds. As for the weed trackers (trading product), they were even more popular early this year than bitcoin versions.

However, caution is required, because even if stocks are generally rising, fluctuations can be violent. Another point is that while the legalisation of cannabis is increasing globally, speculating on the stock market remains risky. Unfortunately, financial gains are never guaranteed.


rapper 2Chainz

rapper 2Chainz with actrice Whoopi Goldberg.

While on the subject of the United States, where 420 was celebrated last month. 420 stands for April (4) the 20th (20) and has become a day for celebrating weed, and is a trend that is now spreading globally. Reason enough for rapper 2Chainz to test the worlds most exclusive cannabis that day for the series Most Expensivest, which he made for youth channel, Viceland.

The origins of this American weed celebration day (420, 4/20 or 4:20) is the stuff of urban legends. Most likely is that the day came to be celebrated when in 1971 a group of students gathered at around 4:20 PM to smoke marijuana. Since then, the existence of cannabis plants has been celebrated, and it is seen as a statement against bans on weed. Enthusiasts in the Netherlands also celebrate 420.

In “Most Expensivest”, 2Chainz tests various expensive things, often related to weed.  This time, “cannabis sommelier” Brandon Allen joined him during the test. They had a box worth $300 (about €245) with, among others, Connect No. 407. Watch the video of the tests here.

Drenthe advocates cannabis oil

productie medicinale cannabisolie

Production of medical cannabis oil in The Hague. FOTO: OLIVIER MIDDENDORP

In our own little homeland of the Netherlands, theres less partying at the moment. The municipality of The Hague has introduced a ban on the use of soft drugs at 13 locations in the city, and it hopes this will reduce anti-social behaviour. Even so, the plans of the province of Drenthe are encouraging.

Tourists and residents in The Hague complain about the smell and the noise from weed smokers. The ban, which also applies to Scheveningen boulevard, will remain in effect for the next two years. Anyone who lights up a joint in one of the places listed risks being fined.

In that respect, there’s a lot more open-mindedness in the province of Drenthe. The provincial government wrote a letter to the government setting out its belief that every province must have at least one place where medical cannabis oil can be legally obtained.

Until now, the government has allowed just one pharmacy in The Hague to produce cannabis oil. However, the drug is expensive to make, not all insurers reimburse it, and some GPs refuse to prescribe it. Provincial Drenthe wants the regulations surrounding medicinal cannabis oil to be improved. It must also be made affordable for everyone who needs it.

Weed beer

Last but not least, weed beer is going to take the market by storm: CBD Ale, Herb’s Hopped & Hemped. According to the brewers, this is the first specialty beer brewed with hemp that is available on the Dutch market.

The beer is poured from large 750 ml bottles, and has an alcohol percentage of 5%. The brewers promise the THC content is very low or even zero, so drinkers shouldn’t get stoned. The beer was launched late last year, and can now be bought online.

For enthusiasts: “Herb’s Hopped & Hemped The Original CBD Ale is a pale ale which has undergone medium fermentation, brewed with a blend of malts and flavoured with selected English hops and European hemp.” Cheers!