Every cannabis user knows that the effect of weed and hash can vary greatly. Often the terms “high” and “stoned” are used to describe the weed effect one experiences after ingesting the drug. The characteristics that are often most important to users are the hallucination and the relaxation you may feel. 

Cannabis has different effects that can be considered advantages and disadvantages. Which effects are more prominent depend on several aspects, such as the concentration of cannabinoids present.

Find out what positive and negative effects you can experience as a result of cannabis.

Smoking triggers effects of weed

What determines the effect of weed?

How an individual experiences the effects of cannabis depends on several factors.

First, the components of cannabis determine what effects are triggered. Cannabis with a high THC concentration often produces primarily cerebral effects. This is the “high” that is sometimes referred to. The effect can be manifested as a euphoric feeling, or anxiety and restlessness. 

The CBD concentration also determines the effect. CBD actually dampens the cerebral high and provides a physically relaxed feeling.

Another important factor that determines the effect of cannabis is the person themselves. Characteristics such as gender, weight, and state of mind affect how a person experiences the weed or hash.

The effect of weed

The effects of cannabis vary greatly and not everyone will experience all of these effects when using cannabis. These can manifest themselves positively or negatively. In this blog, we will make a distinction between desired effects and undesired effects.

If we then zoom in further on these effects of cannabis, physical and psychological characteristics can also be categorised.

Effect of weed from smoking a joint

What are the desired effects of marijuana?

It’s pretty obvious that people use cannabis to feel good, whether you want to relax and physically unwind, or experience euphoria and creativity. Cannabis makes these desired feelings possible.

Here you can see a list of both the physical and the psychological effects that are perceived as positive by cannabis and hashish users.

Which desirable physical effects does cannabis have?

  • Muscles feel heavy and relaxed
  • A pain relieving effect with some types of weed
  • The sensation of taste is enhanced
  • Physical contact is experienced more intensely

What desired psychological effects does marijuana have?

  • A euphoric feeling. You feel good and are comfortable in your own skin.
  • Laughter fits
  • You have less fear or worry about the future
  • You make contact with others more easily
  • Creativity is enhanced by some types of cannabis
  • Perceptions are more intense
  • The imagination is stimulated
Effect of weed

The undesired effects of cannabis

Although cannabis users are fans of the aforementioned desirable effects, unwanted effects can also occur. Simultaneous use of alcohol often stimulates these unwanted effects.

Cannabis is known to enhance feelings present at the time of ingestion of the drug. Are you already feeling good and comfortable in your skin? Then you will probably not suffer from many negative effects after using cannabis. However, if you feel sad or anxious, then cannabis can reinforce these feelings.

We have also divided the unwanted effects of cannabis into physical and psychological effects. These effects do not occur with every type of cannabis or with every individual.

What undesirable physical effects does cannabis have?

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Binge eating
  • Red cheeks
  • Feeling weak
  • Temperature changes. Especially noticeable in hands and feet.
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Decreased blood pressure and possibly dizziness
  • Palpitations
  • Difficulty getting clear sentences out
  • Coughing or irritation of the lungs
  • Sluggishness

What undesirable psychological effects does marijuana have?

  • Withdrawn and a lack of social behaviour. This can occur with certain types of weed or with high doses.
  • Hallucinating
  • Panic attack as a response to the hallucination
  • Slow response time
  • Confusion
  • Forgetful. You may not remember things from the same day.
  • Sensitive to sound and other perceptions. This can be positive or negative.
  • Reduced sense of time.
  • Thinking and acting logically becomes a challenge.

Bad trip

The ultimate negative experience occurs in the case of a “bad trip”. During a bad trip, a person does not feel well physically or mentally after taking the drug.

A bad trip is more likely to occur with new users or when taking a high dose of cannabis. Often the physical effects, such as a drowsy feeling and diminished senses, then trigger psychological anxiety or panic attacks. 

When panic takes over, it is difficult to control the anxiety. In such a case, you should simply remain as calm as possible and wait for the cannabis to wear off.

How long does the effect of weed last?

Whether you are dealing with mostly positive effects, or negative effects of cannabis, the duration of the effects is an important factor when choosing when to ingest cannabis. 

The duration of the effects depends primarily on the method of ingestion and the amount of active ingredient. When you smoke cannabis, the effects are felt more quickly than when the cannabis is eaten.

When you smoke cannabis you feel its first effects almost immediately after a few minutes. You begin to feel relaxed and, with certain types of cannabis, feel a cerebral high coming on. One reaches the peak after about 30 minutes. After 2 hours, the smoked weed wears off and you no longer notice the positive and negative effects.

However, if you choose to eat cannabis, the effects will last longer. You may not begin to feel the first effects until after 2 hours. The cannabis will not wear off for 5-12 hours. This mainly depends on the dosage and the type of cannabis.

What effects do you notice?

What effects do you primarily notice when using cannabis? Discuss it with one of the staff members of coffeeshop The Border. They can also help you choose your ideal cannabis strain!