When you walk into a coffee shop, you can choose from countless types of weed or hash. Each type of weed, derived from a specific hemp plant, has its own effect, smell, color, and taste. The cannabis assortment can be overwhelming for someone who is unfamiliar with the weed varieties. After all, you don’t know which cannabis is best for you.

Each hemp plant contains substances that determine the effect of cannabis. As cannabis plants have been endlessly crossbred, countless weed varieties have been created, all of which have their own attributes.

Read here what the most common types of cannabis are in the Netherlands and what effect they have. This way you will be well prepared when you go to the coffeeshop!

Types of hemp plants

All types of cannabis are derived from these three hemp plants. These hemp plants form the basis for the entire cannabis industry. In the Dutch coffeeshops you will find mainly crosses between Indica and Sativa plants.

The three hemp plants are:

  • Indica. Indica contains both THC and CBD. It is a plant that grows quickly and produces a large harvest time after time. The significant concentration of CBD greatly reduces the effect of THC.
  • Sativa. The Sativa plant is characterized by thin leaves and has a high THC content compared to the Indica plant. This plant offers a smaller harvest, but the weed derived from it is often more expensive due to its high concentration of THC.
  • Ruderalis. Ruderalis is a plant that is used to a much lesser extent. This plant contains barely any THC and therefore offers no psychoactive effects.

Countless types of weed

Meanwhile, from the hemp plants, many types of weed have emerged that contain genetics from different plants. In the coffeeshop you can therefore find different types of cannabis.

The disadvantage is that in every coffee shop the same type of cannabis can have a different name. This makes it challenging to tell the species apart.

However, if you look at the most popular types of weed in the Netherlands, then the different varieties are actually fairly manageable.

In the Netherlands you can find the following types of weed in the coffeeshops.


Perhaps one of the most popular weed varieties in the Netherlands. This is a strong marijuana strain with a high THC percentage. Although it takes a long time to grow, the plant has a strong effect. The name says it all: Amnesia makes you suffer from memory loss. After the high, you cannot remember everything from the past hours.

Within this expensive marijuana category there are already several subcategories that have been formed, all of which have a modified effect. An example of an Amnesia strain is Amnesia Haze.


Haze is also very popular among cannabis users. This type of weed is primarily derived from the Sativa plant. Haze therefore has, like the Sativa, a high THC concentration.

Like the Sativa plant, the Haze cross often has buds that are far apart. The plants also grow tall into the air.

In addition to the cerebral, psychoactive effect caused by haze, the most famous characteristic of this cannabis strain is without doubt its smell and taste. The taste is so well known that among smokers it is called the haze taste. It is often sweet and has a slight herbal taste.

A more acidic taste is also possible, such as in the Lemon Haze variety. Other Haze varieties include Silver Haze and Purple Haze.

Blue/Purple weed variety

The blue and purple cannabis strain is, as you can guess, of a darker color. The blue/purple color is created by certain compounds that are activated at lower temperatures. These cause the plants to turn a blue color instead of the green color you are used to from marijuana. An example of the blue weed variety is the Blueberry.


This weed variety, which originated in the United Kingdom, gets its name from the strong smell that resembles the smell of cheddar cheese. The rich sweet aftertaste is also very characteristic of this weed variety, which is very easy to grow.

The cheese weed variety contains mostly Indica genetics. This weed variety offers a weaker high than strains with a high percentage of Sativa. This variety makes you want to stay on the couch while it produces a euphoric feeling.

Power Plant 

The Power Plant, or PP, is also one of the best-known cannabis varieties in the Netherlands. This weed comes from the Sativa plant and has a high THC percentage. This gives an intense cerebral high.

The plant is easy to grow and does not require much maintenance, ideal for a beginner. The plant flowers quickly and often produces large yields.

The taste is described as a wood-like or earthy flavor. 

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a marijuana strain that is primarily made up of Indica genetics. Not surprisingly, this weed is a popular choice for medicinal use. For example, it is used for chronic pain or stress.

The weed has a herbal taste when smoked, and makes a person feel happy and relaxed.

White Widow

The White Widow is perhaps one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. This strain was created by crossing Sativa plants from India and Brazil. Sold in Holland since the 90s, White Widow is a true classic.

The taste is fruity and light. But beware, this weed can give you a strong stoned feeling which makes you want to stay on the couch.

Curious which marijuana variety suits you best? 

Would you like to know more about the different kinds of weed, and are you curious about which weed is best for you to smoke? Feel free to drop by at Coffeeshop The Border in Amsterdam. We’ll be happy to talk it through with you!