CBD is slowly but surely conquering the market. Although not everything regarding the positive effects of CBD has been scientifically proven, it seems that many medical conditions can benefit from the use of CBD. Until recently, CBD oil was the most popular, but people are now also discovering the CBD joint. And you can now buy your CBD joint at your favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

But what exactly is a CBD joint? You may know that the THC content of a CBD joint is less than that of a regular joint, but what is in it? And which CBD joint is the best?

The CBD joint explained

What was CBD again? CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis plants. The difference between a CBD joint and a normal joint is the THC content. The THC content in normal joints varies between 15% and 25%. According to research (by the Dutch Trimbos Institute), the most popular and best-selling cannabis joints have a THC content of 16.7%. The CBD joints we sell at the Border contain less than 0.2% THC. So that is quite a difference with regular joints.

You do not buy CBD joints to get high, but because they can have a positive effect on certain health issues. For example, CBD can relieve pain, help with stress complaints and reduce depressive symptoms. CBD is also used by cancer patients to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy, among other things. And people with epilepsy, schizophrenia, and PTSD also seem to benefit from CBD.

What our CBD joints contain

The 2-pack joints you buy from coffeeshop The Border Amsterdam contain a mix of tops from the hemp plant. This mix is composed by The Border’s supplier. Because they contain mixed tops the CBD joints contain multiple types of terpenes/flavors. But, don’t worry: we don’t just sell you anything. All our CBD weed is extensively tested by the lab assistants of cannabis test lab High Lab. This lab is specialized in the analysis of CBD weed. Each analysis is accompanied by a certificate, which states which substances are present in the CBD weed and to what extent.

Finola strain

All CBD strains we sell and process come from the Finola variety. This is an EU-approved hemp strain developed by Sam Skunkman and Dr. JC Callaway. The Finola variety is known for its high CBD levels in mature plants and was previously known as FIN-314. The hemp variety is also known for its high formation of the terpene alpha-pinene. This terpene promotes freer breathing by providing relief to the respiratory system.

Which CBD joint is the best?

So although all our CBD joints come from the same variety there is a difference in taste. For example, we sell CBD skunk and CBD strawberry joints. Which CBD joint is the best is up to you to decide. It’s best to give them all a try and see which one you like the most. We can only ensure that you get the best quality delivered. We are called the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam by our customers for a reason.

Do you want to experience smoking a CBD joint? Would you like to try a different flavor? Or do you just want to talk to one of our experienced staff members about the use of CBD joints? Then you are always welcome at our coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Just check our opening hours before you make your way over here. We live in strange times and things sometimes change.