CBD (Cannabidiol) is becoming more and more famous and popular. We also notice that at The Border. And since our customers are king, we have recently started selling the CBD joint. There is a reason we are the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam. 

But why would you buy a CBD filled joint if you can also smoke a THC joint? It doesn’t get you high at all, does it? That’s right, but that is actually an advantage for some people. And it is not the only advantage.

What is a CBD joint exactly?

CBD is cannabidiol, a substance found in hash and weed, but it does not immediately cause psychoactive effects. So you don’t get stoned, in fact; CBD counteracts the effect of THC (the substance that does get you stoned) if you have both types in your joint. So you can enjoy your joint without spacing out on the sofa. 

Advantages of the CBD joint 

Do you have trouble sleeping and do you enjoy smoking a joint for a better night’s sleep? Then the CBD joints are a good option. You can get a joint without THC at our coffee shop in Amsterdam. By smoking a CBD joint you can relax before going to sleep, without getting stoned into bed every night. Bet you wake up fresh the next day! A THC joint can prevent you from falling asleep.

Also, if you suffer from chronic pain, smoking a joint without THC is a good idea. CBD ensures that your muscles relax which relieves the pain. Furthermore, CBD helps with inflammation, cramps, and digestive problems. By smoking a CBD joint these complaints can therefore decrease, without getting you high. It relaxes your body just as much as if you were smoking a joint with THC.

By the way, it is possible to mix both CBDweed with THCweed. This is a good option if you do enjoy getting a little stoned.

Why a joint and not CBD oil?

Why a hamburger for dinner and not fish? Everyone has their own preference. CBD oil and a CBD joint have the same benefits when it comes to pain relief. Some just prefer to smoke than others. Many people order CBD oil or CBD cream online, but from now on you can also simply buy a good CBD smoker in our coffee shop. So, you no longer have to wait for the postman.

Buy a ready-made joint or make your own mix

Are you curious about the taste and benefits of the CBD joint? Do you want to experience whether this joint works for your chronic pain? Our coffeeshop near Amstelveen is open every day. We have taken measures concerning the coronavirus so that we can open safely. We are easily accessible for those who live or work in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, or the Schiphol region. Plan the fastest route to coffeeshop The Border here.