Over the past few months, news stories have been appearing regularly about countries and states where the production and/or use of marijuana has been legalized. Hooray! To help you out, we made an overview of all countries where marijuana (with THC) is or will be legal in 2021. Here we have to distinguish between recreational use and medicinal use. Also, not always the use of cannabis is legal, but for example only the production. Each country or state has its own legislation.

We start with the newcomers Morocco, Switzerland and the American state of New York.


In early 2021 the Moroccan council of ministers presented a plan to regulate the production of cannabis. As of now, Moroccan cannabis growers can organize themselves into cooperatives and sell their harvest to local or international “processing companies” through this route. For the time being, the production of cannabis will only be allowed in six regions of the Reef Mountains, also known as the hashish region of Morocco.
Although the new legislation is a huge step forward, recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in Morocco. Only the production of cannabis for “medicinal, pharmaceutical, and industrial purposes” is legalized for now.

What is legal in 2021? The production of cannabis.


Switzerland has serious plans to legalize the recreational use of cannabis for adults in 2021. The National Council’s health committee voted to amend the cannabis law in late April 2021. The bill was passed, but must first be approved by the Swiss Cantonal Council. If this council also agrees, it seems that in 2021 Switzerland will have a cannabis policy similar to the one we have in Canada.

There will be clear warnings on the packaging, the THC percentage will be indicated and it may never exceed 20%. The tax revenues from legal cannabis will be used, among other things, for education, protection and prevention of cannabis use among young people.

What is legal in 2021? The recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.

New York

The final decision has not yet been made, but the recreational use of marijuana is also expected to become legal in the US state of New York in 2021. The governor and members of parliament have already approved the plan. The new legislation still needs to be officially discharged by the New York parliament, but this is only a formality as the proponents have a strong majority.

Once the new law is in effect, individuals 21 and older will be able to legally purchase and grow cannabis at home for their own consumption. Also, all cannabis-related crimes that are no longer punishable under the new law will be retroactively erased from conviction records. Great news for New York!

What will be legal in 2021? The recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.

Countries and states where recreational use of cannabis is 100% legal [update 2021]

As you understand by now, the laws surrounding cannabis vary greatly from country to country and state to state. In some countries production is legal, but use remains prohibited. And in other countries, use is legal, but cultivation or sale is prohibited by law. However, there are 5 countries where cannabis use is 100% legal by 2021. These are Uruguay, Canada, Georgia, South Africa, and Guam.


The South American country of Uruguay is one of the most cannabis-friendly countries in the world according to the Cannabis Friendliness Index. In Uruguay, the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis is 100% legal. However, age restrictions do apply.


In Canada you can also legally consume marijuana recreationally to your heart’s content. You do have to register and there is a monthly maximum of 40 grams.


You don’t hear much about it, but also in Georgia the use of cannabis is legalized. Therefore, in Georgia you cannot be prosecuted for recreational use. Nevertheless, trading and growing cannabis is not yet fully legal in Georgia in 2021.

South Africa

Personal use of cannabis is decriminalized in South Africa for both recreational and medicinal use. The sale and supply of cannabis, however, is prohibited. If you do so, you risk a prison sentence. You are permitted to grow cannabis plants at home for your personal use.


Since 2019, the use of cannabis is legal on the island of Guam for persons 21 years of age and older. This island is part of the Micronesia region and forms a separate territory from the United States, but is not independent.

What about in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, as you probably know, the use of cannabis has been legal for some time. However, the production of cannabis still remains in the illegal circuit and sales may only take place through coffeeshops. Through pharmacies you can obtain medicinal cannabis on prescription. Because sales are only allowed through coffeeshops and pharmacies, and because possession of cannabis is still illegal, the Netherlands is not seen as a country where cannabis use is 100% legal. Still, we are not doing bad when you look at the Cannabis Friendliness Index. We are at number 6, just below the 5 countries where cannabis use is completely legal.

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