Winter has begun and we can clearly tell by the weather. It’s a lot colder and wetter than the previous weeks and it gets dark very early. This could mean that you don’t see enough sunlight and may suffer from a winter blues. But did you know that cannabis can help you get through the winter blues? In this blog we will discuss how cannabis can help you fight a winter depression and which types of cannabis are best suited.

The annual winter blues

The term winter blues stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD occurs when changes in weather conditions lead to bad mood, fatigue, sadness or depression. Because the disorder occurs most often during the winter months, we colloquially call it winter blues. 

How severe a winter related depression is experienced depends very much on the person who is confronted with it. Some people are more susceptible to it than others. And for some, the winter depression can last longer than it does for others. No matter how much you suffer from a winter depression, cannabis can help you get back on top of it.

What do you recognize SAD by?

No set criteria have been developed for diagnosing SAD. What is clear, however, is that for those who suffer from it, it begins around the same time each year. In addition, for most, it also lasts about the same time each year.

SAD usually manifests as bouts of dejection for no apparent reason. Also, people with a winter depression often experience symptoms such as, fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation, changing eating and/or sleeping patterns, stress and a loss of libido. All of these symptoms can cause people a winter depression and lead to a tendency to isolate and withdraw from people. 

It is not yet entirely clear what exactly causes this condition. We suspect that it has to do with the influence of all the changes to our biological clock and with the decrease in the number of hours of sunlight to which we are exposed. This can lead to a lack of vitamin D.

How cannabis can help you fight a winter depression?

But how can cannabis help to remedy a winter depression? Cannabis plants naturally contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the psychoactive substance that is responsible of a high when you use it. This is not the substance that can help you get through the winter blues. 

The healing effect of CBD

Cannabis also contains CBD. This is the substance that can have the biggest impact on a possible winter dip. This is because CBD can have an effect on your body’s endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in various processes in the body. Think about experiencing pain, or hunger. In addition, the system affects various brain functions and the level of your blood pressure. 

By taking CBD, your immune system can be strengthened, pains can be soothed and winter depression can be remedied. CBD is mainly found in the trichomes that grow on cannabis plants. You can buy CBD in different forms. So you can find CBD in oil, capsules, cosmetics, tinctures, crystals and pastes.

The active CBD in cannabis can therefore help to remedy the insomnia that is often experienced with a winter dip or, on the contrary, can reawaken the appetite. In addition, CBD naturally counteracts stress and can help improve your mood and fight depression. In addition, cannabis is considered a good coping agent. This is a term from psychology that expresses how a person deals with stress. Where some people tend to drink more to deal with depressive feelings, others have a greater need to use drugs. 

Drinking alcohol may provide short-term relief, but in the long run it can make you more susceptible to depression. Especially if you consume too much alcohol. Cannabis, on the other hand, can not only help combat depression, but can also satisfy the craving for alcohol and hard drugs. If you suffer from a winter depression, it is better to use cannabis than to drink a glass of alcohol.

Cannabis species that are most suitable

As you could just read, the substance CBD that is found in cannabis is what can help to remedy winter depression. Therefore, the cannabis strains that contain relatively high amounts of CBD are the most suitable when you suffer from winter depression. 

Indica or sativa cannabis?

There are many different types of cannabis available, but the two most common are indica and sativa. Indica and sativa cannabis each have their own effects. Depending on the symptoms of your winter depression, you can then determine which type of cannabis is best suited to help you get through your winter blues. 

In general, indica strains contain more CBD than THC. That’s why indica strains are more suitable for rest and relaxation. Especially when you experience a lot of stress and have trouble sleeping, this can help overcome your winter dip. In addition, indica strains are also good for fighting nausea and increasing your appetite.

However, sativa strains can also help to overcome your winter dip when your SAD symptoms are actually causing you to have low energy or depressive symptoms. The stimulating effects that sativa strains are known for would then be much more helpful. Sativa strains will make you feel cheerful and happy again and will give you more focus and creativity. Use sativa cannabis varieties during the day so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in the evening.

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